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NOEL MARCIAL Karen to you and the entire UMR congrats I'm loving all the tracks.God Bless TTYS! Favorite track: Dream On.
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released May 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Upright Music Republic Toronto, Ontario

Our mission at Upright Music Republic is to create great music and launch creative projects. We work as a team to develop and market the artists, musical products & merchandise. What makes us unique is our desire to maintain an upright stance, to work with integrity and quality and to deliver a great message to you the listener. ... more

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Track Name: Aijia Waithe Featuring M'caiah - C.L.A.S.S.
C.L.A.S.S - Aijia Waithe feat. M'caiah
Written by Aijia Waithe & Karen ‘Jewels’ McDonald, Produced by Joel ‘Boogie’ St. John, bgvs: Camille Harrison, Danah Mairtin,
Karen Jewels, Aijia Waithe, Micaiah Jules
Engineered by Richard Uglow

INTRO (Karen Jewels):

Ladies! My name is Karen Jewels, and this is Upright Music! Shout out to Boogie-
We got M’Caiah on the track and introducing a very, very classy lady…the one, the



We in the new school, class in session

Ladies raise your hands up if you got a question

This is an important topic that I’m addressin’

‘Cause we need to know who we are

And that’s the point of this lesson

(C) Confidence- can’t nobody stop you little Mamma

(L) Learn to Love and Let go of the drama

(A) Accepting your beauty as unconventional

(S,S) so Set the Standard Strategy for your Success..


‘Cause you’re fearfully and wonderfully

Made to be a classy lady

In the likeness of His Majesty (x2)


All my ladies ‘round the world you need to hear this!

Take a seat, wait a minute- get ready for this life class

There’s no need to try and please any other

By flaunting you’re asking

For the wrong eyes to be glancing on your womanhood

So demand that R.E.S.P.E.C.T

‘cause your worth ain’t comin’ from your goods-No, no


C.L.A.S.S….C.L.A.S…You betta tell ‘em little bro- GO!

VERSE 3: (M’Caiah Rap)

Young brotha like me, don’t know much about love

But when I see a classy lady, makes me wanna grow up

She don’t have to act up

You know she got a 50 in drama? Makes me wanna say “What’s Up”

Here she come, there she go

She walk with her head up high ‘cause he know

That she’s a dime, like a diamond

Love her mind, I’m a minor

But in time imma find her

I don’t mind her, God designed her…



You’re beautiful. I just wanna let you know, Jesus loves you. Shoot, I love you! Ha-Ha!

Yea-Let’s break it down now…


(C.L.A.S.S) Keep your head up don’t look down

(C.L.A.S.S) ‘Cause He made you in His image

And girl, you’re beautiful. Yes, you are.
Track Name: M'caiah - Dream On
Dream On - M’Caiah
written By Micaiah Jules and Karen Jewels
Produced by Qpon

Music in my head disappears
Takes time to remember
I am feeling that its hot in here
and its not even the summer
All your different faces
in my heart Im racing
I need full embracement I am no replacement
if you think about crime
I will say this one time
you will never kill me
only made to thrill me
In my head day and night
though I had lost my mind
on my knees asking God why why why
till He opened up my eyes eyes eyes

Dream on….

Nevermind that now
I got somebody else on my mind

Trying to Hold back the tears
from the words that you spoken
Im a little wiser than my years
somehow I left my heart wide open

people say that I’m young
life has only begun
caught up in your opera
part of all your drama

Taking up my mindspace
had to find a quiet place
happiness is in sight
don’t look left don’t look right

and I’m feeling much lighter now
you can never take me down
I’ve learned how to love myself and leave the haters all to themselves

Dream on...

Nevermind that now I got somebody else on my mind
Track Name: Karen Jewels - God Over Money
God Over Money - Karen Jewels
Written by Karen ‘Jewels’ McDonald, Produced by Quinten ‘QPon’ Coblentz, bgvs: Karen Jewels & Micaiah Jules.

I wanna live on Russell Hill
I wanna drive a fancy car
I wanna roll with the big boys
But all I own is my big voice
And I ain’t got money to spend
Maybe enough to pay the rent
Iit doesn’t mean that I can’t dream
As I try to make a dollar out of 15 cents

15 cents, just enough to make you holla
Cuz it don’t make sense
Sometimes I wonder why do I even bother
Play criminal minded with the white collar
Life in the video
House and a Bugatti
Money in your pocket dying to move your body

Wasup! wasup?
Say you feelin kinda lonely
Light shining on me but nobody even know me

Another star is born
She wanna do right but the high life
As she dips in the rack city
She say its got her torn
It isn’t what she signed up for

They say its nice work if you get it
It can you devour you but only if you let it
I guess that could have been me
But I chose to love God over money

It don't mean that much to me
If I can’t share it with You
You can throw the world at my feet
But it ain’t nothing without You
I ain’t gonna sell my soul for no one
When it and all the riches belong to You

Your Love is better than and
Your House has many mansions
God Over Money

I wanna live out my dreams
Wanna live them out loud
When I speak wanna make noise
Do enough to stand out

If you only got a dime to spend
Its enough to make an end
Doesn’t mean that it won’t be
But for now we’re gonna have learn to play pretend
Play pretend
You fake it till you make it you can get it in the end
Get rich, die trying
Man gotta make it real
Get in where you fit in
Beg, borrow and steal

Radio killa
Serving sex on a platter
Standard get low
But pockets get fatter
Can’t get enough
Big fish get bigger
Got chains on the brain
Slave trade on a ni**a

Still everyday
Everyday another star is born
She wanna do right say she gotta man
She give him the ism and he put the cash in her hands
It wasn’t really part of the plan but they say it aint trickin if you got it
It will devour you if only you allow it
Yes it coulda been me
But I chose to serve God over money

Got your heart on the cash but you ain’t got God
then you goin nowhere fast with that gangsta walk oh
You keep your mind on the money but you ain’t got God
then you goin honey with that gansta walk oh oh
Track Name: Quinten "Q-PON" Coblentz - Everything
"Everything" - Q-PON
Written & Produced By Quinten ‘Q-Pon’ Coblentz.
Contains samples from Everything by Lifehouse written by Jason Wade

Verse 1:

Find me in the background

Scared to make a sound, in a struggle wanna back down

Diffcult to let go of burdens on my back now

Wishing in my heart that everything could change back how it used to be

Before all the trouble came

Before life turned a double play

And made me bat next

Hard to think clear, fearing what'll happen

Demons clapping as I tremble feeling stretched like spandex

Why's living gotta be so complex

So many distractions hard to keep it all in context

Many things competing for attention like a contest

Walls closing in, I'm losing hope, I'm feeling compressed

I try to make time for You

To let You speak to me

But the worries of this life

Make my faith feel puny

God, help me set my burdens aside

And bring peace to the chaos that is stirring inside

Verse 2:

Find me in the front row

Tryna be a leader now I'm putting up a front so

They don't see my pain growing bigger than Motumbo

Can't show the shame and guilt from all the wrong I've done, no

Gotta be better, gotta be strong

To make up for what I did when I was living wrong

I wanna please You, I wanna give my all

But even on my best day I always seem to fall

Fall far short, trying to measure up Is feeling like im pressured full court

A lost little kid in a crowded airport

I wanna take of, cuz people trust me

Expecting me to be a leader but I'm just me!

Me, never good enough to make up

For all my shortcomings, can't cover my mistakes up

God help me set these burdens aside

I need peace from the chaos that is stirring inside

Verse 3:

Uh, God I know I've been distant

Your purpose for my life at times I know I missed it

But You tell me that my weakness and my sin can't

Keep me from You, it was paid it in an instant

On the cross, when my Savior gave His life away

Died in my place willingly to make a way

For me, now I no longer have a debt to pay

It stayed in the grave unlike the Christ on Easter Day

Your love for me defies everything that makes sense

It isn't based on my performance or my payments

You see the dirt on me But tell me that I'm stainless

This love is so wild, ain't a way to tame this

When I'm in Your presence nothing else matters much

Fear and worry vanish when I'm healed by Your touch

Now all I wanna do is glorify the risen King

You're all I want and need, Jesus You are everything

Now I know right here's where I oughta be

I know You're always calling me, I almost hear it audibly

I don't wanna hold back with any part of me

I ready to give everything to You, wholeheartedly

Don't need to front like I've got it all together

Cuz You see what's in my heart, and You free me from the pressure

Of feeling like I oughta be better, uh,

I'm covered in Your grace so I ain't gotta measure up

That imperfection doesn't matter cuz it's paid for

I just gotta praise You, cuz it's what I was made for

When Im with You I'm not afraid to let my guard down

Expose my brokenness and let You mend my heart now

Draw me closer, God, until Your Face is all I see

It's just me and You; I surrender all of me

You fill the hole inside my heart like only You know how

Being lost in Your love is how my life is found

How can I stand here with You

And not be moved by You?

Would You tell me, how could it be

Any better…any better
Track Name: Ryan David - Coming To The Surface
Coming to the Surface - Written By Ryan David

What you looking for?
What you seeking oh?
It’s hidden down beneath you
Although you cannot see it
It will come in due season
I see that you’re discouraged
But trust that He knows when is right
Look unto His face, seek after His will
And all else will be fulfilled uhoh uhuh

Everything you ask him for
Every moment spent in meditation
What you have been seeking ooh
The Lord He knows that you’ve been waiting
He says it’s coming to the surface
Coming to the surface x2
Uhoh uhoh

When you look at me
Tell me what you see
Is it the exterior?
If so then please look deeper
There’s more than the eye can see
The world we know is shaking
But it is moving without making a sound
Put trust within your heart
For the same One who did start
Will carry you to completion
Track Name: Aijia Waithe - Yielded
Yielded - Aijia Waithe
Written By Karen Jewels and Aijia Waithe
Produced by Dwayne Wade, bgvs: Karen Jewels, Ray Robinson, Aijia Waithe.

Intro: Just listen…to the stillness.

Verse 1:

In the stillness, I hear you

Calling out to me- telling me ‘here I stand’

Knock and the door, will open

Now I’m giving over all of my plans

Open my heart for you to come in

Revive my spirit and bring healing to my soul

Replace the loudness with a gentle peace within

In the stillness, I am listening


And quietly, and softly, so gently

He is calling me

And I am willing to give Him all my attention

In the stillness, I am yielded


Yielded and still

(Is anybody out there yielded too? anybody out there?)

I am yielded

(Anybody out there yielded too? Anybody out there? X2)

Verse 2:

Invitation, to come closer

As you whisper words of love so tender

Gentle spirit, my comfort

I’m overtaken and in sweet surrender


And quietly, and softly, so gently

He is calling me

And I am willing to give Him all my attention

In the stillness, I am yielded



My Heart I

Give to you

Your Word restores through love and light

The closer that I draw to you

The more your truth is revealed

As a reflection in my life (repeat to fade)
Track Name: Karen Jewels - Sons
Sons - Karen Jewels
Written by Karen 'Jewels' McDonald,
Produced by Quinten ‘QPon’ Coblentz.

I will hold your head up, ‘til you can hold it up on your own
Carry you, ‘til you can stand on your own
Hold your hand, ‘til you can cross on your own
I send you out to get something from the store and I
Let you explore the world, I know that you want more
Still I, I pray you'll make it back in one piece
It's a cold, cold world, now you're beginning to see

Now there’s no crime, no fists, no angry mob
Just a mother with a prayer trying to get the job done
We fight this fight not for the gold
Our greatest reward is our son to have a place for his own
Our son to have a place for his own

I will keep you safe ‘til you shelter your own
Walk you through ‘til you can man up on your own
And I'll build a fort ‘til you can build on your own

Girl with a problem decided to stand
And the years have gone by now she wrestles with a man
He becomes an issue on every news report
As he struggles with the system that first tried to abort him


And I pray to God above watch over our sons
And I pray to God above take care of our sons
Track Name: Quinten "Q-PON" Coblentz - Shotgun
"Shotgun" - Q-PON
Written & Produced By Quinten ‘QPon’ Coblentz.


I'm just along for the ride ... ayyy

I'm just the passenger riding shotgun while You drive …ayyy

Wherever You wanna take me sounds fine

Today is a brand new day

I don't know the road ahead but as long as You stay with me

I'll ride on ride on ride with You all the way

Verse 1:

Ride away, I'm ready to ride away from this place

Life awaits, I gotta move on wanna finish the race

Yes at times it is painful, but I trust in the One who is faithful

I don't know what I'll find but I'm gonna be fine Lord as long as You're in control

Verse 2:

Ive been traveling day after day; never seen these roads before

I feel kinda like father Abraham; no idea where I'm headed for

But that's ok cuz its making my faith get stronger and my trust grow

Relying less on me I never felt so free

On your mark get set let's go

Verse 3:

Life goes by so fast, you know I keep on going and growing and showing the world

why I'm so in love with Jehovah the Holy One, a substitute I've got none

I am not a hunter but you know I'm riding shotgun

You could say I'm NRA, Not Really Adequate

Living my way wasn't working so I had to quit

"Follow Me" - the words of Christ in my heart resonated

I gave up the steering wheel now I've got a designated driver

You know ya boy a rider

Wanna see lives turned around like a tire

I have left the Shire, I wanna go higher

My life for You a love song, I'll sing it like Mariah

Carry me on Lord, when I grow weak

My destination's heaven, You face is what I seek

I know that the road is long God help me to finish strong with a song of praise cuz

You never led me wrong
Track Name: M'caiah - Young
Young - M'caiah
Written by Micaiah Jules, Produced By Quinten ‘QPon’ Coblentz.

I don’t understand money
I don’t understand paper
I don’t understand the damage that can happen if I take her
Hearts can be destroyed
some never can be restored
others are starting 5
I feel like the water
many wanna hate me
minding my own business and some girls just wanna date me
gassed up inside and I watched them chase me
but I help them stay up
and I told them to walk straightly
so get up and walk straightly

No more repetition
in my book its written
Men are called to Lions
boys can be the Kittens
wassup wassup
wassup wassup
Monsters are defeated
no more fear is needed
many wanna follow
I will work on leading
wassup wassup
wassup wassup

Chorus x2
I'm feelin good
Im feelin great
no shortcuts
im going straight
my body’s young
my body’s young

got enough time cause my body’s young

it’s so irrational its crazy
going off topic I can see your eyes are lazy I swear
I see these young boys taking money from the budget
and they spending it on bogies I could just scream Fyah
bun it
I could walk around freely but I have a purpose
you say I'm under a spell
well I just cursed it
this constitution illusion is forming a different fusion
and people come with intrusion
scream to the top
Extrusion wassup

No more repetition
in my book its written
Men are called to Lions
boys can be the Kittens
wassup wassup
wassup wassup
Monsters are defeated
no more fear is needed
many wanna follow
I will work on leading
wassup wassup
wassup wassup

Chorus x2
I'm feelin good
Im feelin great
no shortcuts
im going straight
my body’s young
my body’s young

got enough time cause my body’s young

I find it kinda funny
how people call it cool just to be swimming up in money
I swear I got my ears up listening like easter bunny
kissings full of blessings and its almost sweet like honey
honey baby
this is a big campaign
but I'm sitting on a chair eating chips ahoy
and I complain that you don’t explain the meaning of life
and I remain to be the same
i feel the strain up in my brain
7 kings! Got it man