Quinten "Q​-​PON" Coblentz - Everything

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Everything is a moving track written and produced by Quinten "Q-PON" Coblentz for more information visit www.uprightmusicrepublic.com
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"Everything" - Q-PON
Written & Produced By Quinten ‘Q-Pon’ Coblentz.
Contains samples from Everything by Lifehouse written by Jason Wade

Verse 1:

Find me in the background

Scared to make a sound, in a struggle wanna back down

Diffcult to let go of burdens on my back now

Wishing in my heart that everything could change back how it used to be

Before all the trouble came

Before life turned a double play

And made me bat next

Hard to think clear, fearing what'll happen

Demons clapping as I tremble feeling stretched like spandex

Why's living gotta be so complex

So many distractions hard to keep it all in context

Many things competing for attention like a contest

Walls closing in, I'm losing hope, I'm feeling compressed

I try to make time for You

To let You speak to me

But the worries of this life

Make my faith feel puny

God, help me set my burdens aside

And bring peace to the chaos that is stirring inside

Verse 2:

Find me in the front row

Tryna be a leader now I'm putting up a front so

They don't see my pain growing bigger than Motumbo

Can't show the shame and guilt from all the wrong I've done, no

Gotta be better, gotta be strong

To make up for what I did when I was living wrong

I wanna please You, I wanna give my all

But even on my best day I always seem to fall

Fall far short, trying to measure up Is feeling like im pressured full court

A lost little kid in a crowded airport

I wanna take of, cuz people trust me

Expecting me to be a leader but I'm just me!

Me, never good enough to make up

For all my shortcomings, can't cover my mistakes up

God help me set these burdens aside

I need peace from the chaos that is stirring inside

Verse 3:

Uh, God I know I've been distant

Your purpose for my life at times I know I missed it

But You tell me that my weakness and my sin can't

Keep me from You, it was paid it in an instant

On the cross, when my Savior gave His life away

Died in my place willingly to make a way

For me, now I no longer have a debt to pay

It stayed in the grave unlike the Christ on Easter Day

Your love for me defies everything that makes sense

It isn't based on my performance or my payments

You see the dirt on me But tell me that I'm stainless

This love is so wild, ain't a way to tame this

When I'm in Your presence nothing else matters much

Fear and worry vanish when I'm healed by Your touch

Now all I wanna do is glorify the risen King

You're all I want and need, Jesus You are everything

Now I know right here's where I oughta be

I know You're always calling me, I almost hear it audibly

I don't wanna hold back with any part of me

I ready to give everything to You, wholeheartedly

Don't need to front like I've got it all together

Cuz You see what's in my heart, and You free me from the pressure

Of feeling like I oughta be better, uh,

I'm covered in Your grace so I ain't gotta measure up

That imperfection doesn't matter cuz it's paid for

I just gotta praise You, cuz it's what I was made for

When Im with You I'm not afraid to let my guard down

Expose my brokenness and let You mend my heart now

Draw me closer, God, until Your Face is all I see

It's just me and You; I surrender all of me

You fill the hole inside my heart like only You know how

Being lost in Your love is how my life is found

How can I stand here with You

And not be moved by You?

Would You tell me, how could it be

Any better…any better


from LIFE MOVEMENTS, released May 31, 2014
4. Everything - Quinten "Q-PON" Coblentz - Written & Produced By Quinten ‘QPon’ Coblentz.
Contains samples from Everything by Lifehouse written by Jason Wade



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